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Wool Felt Mittens hand made from wool from my sheep.  Sizes small, med.,& lg.   $35 per pair.

 Wool Felt Mittens.  Assorted sizes and colors.    Custom fit available.   Wet felt method used to felt home raised wool, hand cut and sewn seam on outside.   $40 per pair.

Natural colored hand spun Bor. Leicester Wool

Home raised wool, hand spun yarn.  Approx. 30 yards/oz.  Worsted weight  $6.50 per oz.   Will felt .Roving (4 ounces for $18) is available,  use for hand spinning, needle felting, wet felting and so on.


 Hand spun wool yarn.  Natural colored mohair and wool blend.
Hand knit; 
Rolled Brim Hat $60

Hand spun natural colored wool  and mohair yarn,  hand knit.

Rolled Brim Hat $65

Trail Mix Beanie $35                       Slouch hat $55                                   Make great dye blanks. 

Jelly Scarf

Jelly Scarf $50

Jelly Scarf Kit $30, pattern included.

Many colors of hand spun slub yarn to choose from .  Slub art yarn is  thick, thin, and chunky 

Tote Bags

Wool Felt, assorted colors, bag size approx. 15x24 inches.                                                        

Composit  shoulder handle, wood tone                                    (can be painted by you).                         $90.

Trail Mix Hand Spun Yarn.

Hand dyed worsted weight wool, mohair, silk, and alpaca yarn.    May contain trace amounts of nylon.  Approx. 30 yards to the ounce.            $6.50  per ounce.                                          Roving $18 for 4 ounces.

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